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'No Subject'
1994\12\22@131204 by Alex

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In article: <> writes:
> >     Has anyone out there tried or had success implementing
> >    fuzzy logic on a PIC 17c42?  Also, does Michrochip or any
> >    third party supplier have HW/SW/tools to support fuzzy
> >    logic development for PIC microcontrollers? I'd appreciate
> >    any info/help anyone could give me in this regard.
> >       Thanks,
> >       Roy Walker
> >
> I don't know much about it but Microchip got some software house in
> Germany, whose name I have forgotten, to write a 'Fuzzy Logic

The software house is Inform GmbH in Aachen, who have written fuzzy
logic tools for a wide variety of different microcontrollers, including
(now) the PIC.

> Development Tool' called 'fuzzyTECH'. Since it's effectively a third
> party tool like the MPC Compiler you can expect to pay a similar price.
> There is supposed to be an 'Explorer Edition' of the software which has
> been crippled to limit designs to 2 inputs, 1 output and 1 rule block
> which may be a more reasonable price but I don't know how much

AFAIK, prices (for a limited intro period) are $795 for the full
kit and $195 for the Explorer kit.

> I attended a PIC seminar last month, run by one of Microchip's
> distributors in the UK,

Thank you - hope you enjoyed it!

> where I was told that there were going to be a
> series of Fuzzy Logic seminars which would cost around L500 and would
> include the 'Explorer Edition' of fuzzyTECH plus the temperature control
> demonstration board.

These did indeed occur in the UK, run jointly by Polar Electronics and
Microchip. 3 days/27 people - nearly killed me! :-(
Fuzzy seminars have also been run in Germany, by the Microchip
distis/direct FAEs there - I assume (tho' I'm not sure) that the
distsi/direct FAEs in the US and other regions will do or are already
doing this too.

> Whether the software will run on a 17c42 or not I
> wouldn't like to say. Since it is an 'official' Microchip product you
> should be able to find out anything else you need to know from them.

The software will produce MPASM-compatible assembler code for all of
the PICs, inc. the 17C42.

If there is sufficient interest out there, I will try to put together
some sort of a FAQ on fuzzy for this mailing list - any takers?


Alex R. Baker - Field Apps Engineer Ph: +44 628 851077  Car: +44 831 494921
Arizona Microchip Technology        Fx: +44 628 850259  Email: alexspamKILLspammicrochp.dem

'No Subject'
1995\11\02@153524 by barry
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Suspend Mail
|The Borg assimilated My Race, and all I got Was a Lousy T-Shirt :

1998\11\16@080040 by Dave Ward
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    I have some data (somewhere around here) from Radiometrics I
    believe, they have just introduced a small module that incorperates
    a pocsag decoder with unique id and 4 TTL ouptus IIRC.  Apparently
    works over the 'normal' pager network so there are no running

    I'll look up the info if you require


    Dave Ward
    BNFL Magnox Generation

    Home : .....DFHWardKILLspamspam.....AOL.COM
    Work : EraseMEGB9C5WZFspam_OUTspamTakeThisOuTIBMMAIL.COM


    ______________________________ Reply Separator
    _________________________________ Subject: PAGER PROJECT- REMOTE
    Author:  I1515071.IBMMAIL at ~IBMGWYA_NE Date:    13/11/1998 21:44

    Date:         Fri, 13 Nov 1998 16:43:23 -0500 From:
    enpassant <enpassantspamspam_OUTAMERITECH.NET> Subject:      Pager Project-
    Remote Control
    To:           @spam@PICLISTKILLspamspamMITVMA.MIT.EDU

    I was trying to think of a way to remotely control lights and the
    sprinkler system when I am out of town.  I thought it might be neat
    to try and do this with a pager and a PIC.  The idea would be that
    you dial the pager number from your house, type in a string of
    numbers and the PIC deciphers them, turning on or off the
    appropriate things.  Has anyone done anything like this?  Does
    anyone know the insides of a typical pager?  You would  need to
    read the numbers that are stored in some RAM????
    Hmmmm...........this could be interesting.....

    ---- End of mail text

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