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'Newfound PP1 Programmer, and Picstart-16B.'
1998\05\08@061123 by Don McKenzie

All good things must come to an end, and I wish to announce that the
Newfound PP1 programmer manufacturing is finished. This was one of the
few production quality programmers (Variable VCC) that was produced as a
third party programmer for the PIC165X family of Micros.

In fact, I only have 3 left in stock. I felt I should let the piclisters
know before I saw the last of them go out the door. Prices, features can
be seen at:

As you may be aware, all firmware code for the PP1, Warp-3, and Picstart
16-B is available from this site for free. This is to the Phoenix
standard See:
Sales of Warp-3 continue whilst stocks last, however the end is in sight
for this item also.

This is due to a combination of new Micros being introduced by Microchip
that replace the older 5x family, and the health of Jim Robertson of

Jim has been unable to continue with his work, and new developments are
not forthcoming, however he is prepared to support existing sales for a
reasonable period.

The Warp-3 is now running successfully on MacIntosh computers.

I can't imagine that I will have stock of any Newfound product after 2
or 3 months.

Don McKenzie

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