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PICList Thread
'New list server available'
1995\09\08@162255 by Bruce Perens


If you wish, I will serve the PIC list from my SmartList server, which
can discriminate against non-subscribers, thus filtering out most spam.
I serve a 500+ member list and a few smaller ones now, and run them on a
12-processor SGI Onyx with T1 to Internet. I have the following
list-submission policy for all of the lists I serve:


       Bruce Perens


This policy is intended to fight mailing-list "spamming".

The PIC mailing lists accept commercial advertising for payment. We
offer a fee waiver if you can show us the cancelled check for a $1000
(U.S.) or more donation to the Free Software Foundation. One donation
per advertisement, please. If you don't wish to donate, simply post
your advertisement to the list, and the operator of the mailing lists
will bill $1999 (U.S). The list operator will donate this amount, minus
the expense of collecting it, to FSF. Please note that the lists are
distributed automaticaly - messages are generally not read or checked
in any way before they are distributed.

By the act of posting your advertisement you agree to accept
responsibility for the fee, you agree to indemnify the mailing-list
operator against any legal claims from you or others in connection with
your advertisement, and you agree to pay any legal and business
expenses incurred in collecting late payment. Our liability to you is
limited to a good-faith effort to deliver your message.

Reduced rates and/or waiver of fee are available for PIC-related
advertisements. You must consult the mailing-list operator in advance
of posting for any reduction or fee waiver.

                             * * *
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