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'New WinPSP, WinTM4 drivers, DosTM4.'
1999\03\28@071755 by Jim Robertson

Hi Folks,

Just posted new drivers for the picstart plus and 4LAB/TM4 based programmers.
In addition to updating the device list (90+ PICs supported!) I hopefully
have been able to eliminate the runtime error 5 and runtime error 7 problems
a few people have experienced.

The screen is now resizeable for those using laptops and the main program
buttons are move upward for better access.

For those who don't know, WinPSP is a Win95 driver for the picstart plus that
you can use instead of MPLAB. Strong rumor has it that it works with NT and
there is not a single NT only related problem though there has been a few
universal ones that now have been eliminated. Numerous people have reported
that both WinTM4 and WinPSP work well under NT so it worth trying as these
beta releases are free downloads.

I would appreciate any feedback, yes it works well, not on may box it doesn't

Also posted is the latest Dos driver now compatible with the 4LAB firmware
chips. Previous DOS software was incompatible due to an oversight in the
firmware chip affecting only the DOS software.

Get all new drivers from:



WARP-3 SALE now on. $48USD with world delivery.
MPLAB compatible PIC programmers and firmware
upgrades for many programmers.

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