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'Need to purchase a pic'
1997\11\01@101113 by sajjad.akhtar

    I need pic 16c84 or any with EEProm so that i could start my work. I
    am new to this pic world. But the problem is that the chip is not
    available in Pakistan.

    Is there any one on the list who can send me the chip. Send me the
    email about the cost.

    I will be really thank full for the coopration.

    Sajjad Akhter

1997\11\01@112339 by Aydin Yesildirek

Try to find a local distributor. You may get a couple of samples
free. I had written Microchip directly and they have sent me couple of
sample chips. If not use or others.
For order in 10s or 100s quantity get a quote from sphere


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