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PICList Thread
'Need info on surplus GPS unit'
1999\10\14@095327 by Thomas McGahee

OK, I am ready to try my hand at taking one of those
surplus GPS receivers and lashing a PIC and an LCD to
it to make it useful.

Anyone on the PIC list have the URL for the company
that was selling the unit with antenna for $25?

Anyone out there have any success with these units?
Any "gotchas" or other information that I should
know before embarking on this venture?


Fr. Tom McGahee

1999\10\14@111705 by Tommy Bostrom

Check the archive at
Search for JRC the manufacturer of the GPS if I remember correct
It is interesting to know if they work now
after GPSWEEK-rollover from 1023 to 0

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1999\10\14@134410 by Mark Willis

Those are at, $25 with cable set
anyways, or $20 with antenna but no cables.  Good docs on that page for
the unit.  Sounds really promising to me!


Thomas McGahee wrote:
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1999\10\14@154336 by David Pearson (SKYTRONICS)

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By the way they have no problems with the rollover.


Thomas McGahee wrote:

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1999\10\14@172344 by Jerry Iacobucci

The GPS Unit From SlickItems do you know if there is a problem with Y2K.

Thanks in advance for any help.

1999\10\14@184844 by Kevin J. Maciunas

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Further to the comments already posted on this:
1) From Mavin (
2) These things work just fine (I have two in operation)
3) They don't talk NMEA, but I have a PIC project which will hopefully
do the conversions, as do others
4) Check out Tim Laren's most excellent site which is dedicated to
projects around this unit.  Tim has done an outstanding job.

Tim's site has references to the PIC based solutions.
Have fun

Kevin J. Maciunas           Net:
Dept. of Computer Science   Ph : +61 8 8303 5845
University of Adelaide      Fax: +61 8 8303 4366
Adelaide 5005

1999\10\14@204752 by D. F. Welch

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At 08:22 AM 10/15/99 +0930, you wrote:
>Further to the comments already posted on this:
>1) From Mavin (
>2) These things work just fine (I have two in operation)
>3) They don't talk NMEA, but I have a PIC project which will hopefully
>do the conversions, as do others

See Http://   The price is right!

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Daniel F. Welch

Research and Development
American Scientific Associates

1999\10\14@210707 by Wes Johnston

<x-flowed>You can find info at the ElectroMavin site at:
And the protocol converter to convert its binary output to NMEA at:

also, has a link at the bottom of the page for a very
nice little flat amplified GPS antenna for about $20.

AND... the inverter for EL LCD backlite I got from you earlier this year is
working great!  good little units.


At 09:57 AM 10/14/99 -0400, you wrote:
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