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'Need an HPIB(GPIB) to Centronics convertor'
1996\08\06@113928 by David Schmidt

Okay, here's the story:
  There's a spectrum analyzer here were I work that I want to get
printouts from  (an HP8590E, circa 1990).  I guess when it was made,
a Centronics port wasn't standard like the HP8593L that I borrowed.
It will print to an HPIB port equipped printer, but I don't have one!

  So, has anyone worked on, know about, successfully coded a PIC
to convert from HPIB to centronics parallel port?  Any info is


1996\08\06@115752 by mfahrion

I know this is going to make the hobbyists cringe, but I believe
you can buy such a device for a couple hundred dollars.


{Quote hidden}

1996\08\07@023837 by D. A. Lakin

 You may try use next method, which not require PIC.It may be not
work absolutly propertly(in HPIL protocol), but in most case it
work right.Your HPIL device must be in 'trans. only' mode.
Of course, you may use PIC to connect device to computer.It is not
too hard, but i think that your work time is too expensive for it.

       HPIL                                      CENTRONIX
        D101 >--------|   o----------------------  DATA1

          .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .
        D107 >--------|   o----------------------  DATA1

        DAV  >-------+---------------------------  STROBE
            | .--.
            '-|  o---.
              '--'   |
                   | CL D|--- VCC
        NDAC  -----|Q    |
                   |  CLK|-----------------------< ACK
        NRED  -----------------------------------< BUSY

Sorry of my english.


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