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'NT 4.0 and Promate II'
1997\08\06@165200 by jhobbs

Opps, I am resending this as I think the first time it went HTML.

Just thought I would post some findings using the Pro Mate II and NT4.0.

If you have not moved to NT4.0 and are considering the big step, well I
found it to be pretty much flawless. Everything installed easily and some
things installed and configured easier then with 95.

Everything I have works except MPLAB.  I did talk to tech. support at uchip
and was told that they are working on NT4.0 drivers for MPLAB. Should have
used API!

As a side note to those with Tech-Tools Clearview (PIC Emulator) their TDE
software works under NT4.0.  The only problem I have found is if you rename
your src and then try to compile, TDE reports 'file not found'.  The work
around is to close TDE and open TDE again and load your src file.
Fortunately TDE loads quickly and this is not as bad as it may sound.  Also
I placed tde.ini in the tde folder.

MPLAB SOFTWARE, HELP/ABOUT> MPLAB Version 3.22.02 and Pro Mate II Version

PRO MATE II, DISPLAY>                    Version 4.00.07

Serial communication is a no go!  The error is, commands are not echoed
properly.  If you try to 'Enable Programmer' you most likely will lock up
the MPLAB application and will have to do a three finger salute
(CTRL-ALT-DEL) and End-Task.

The work around is to run Promate. Yes, the Dos stuff.

Pro Mate Version 3.21.17

Firmware Version 4.00.07

Device File Version    2.00.06

Don't worry about changing the Pro Mate's firmware.  When you run Promate it
will come up with a screen saying 'Old Version of Device File' just click
OK.  On some parts like the '73 you will get a screen saying 'Not enough
memory to display file' just click OK.  Now you are ready to load your code
and program a PIC with Pro Mate II under NT 4.0.

I hope this helps someone out there.

Take care  -Jim Hobbs

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