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PICList Thread
'NEW! Parallax BASIC Stamp Mailing List'
1995\07\26@131938 by Tom Mornini

Parallax, Inc. is now sponsoring a BASIC Stamp mailing
list. This list is intended for discussion of the Parallax
BASIC Stamp products, peripherals and derivative products,
the programming of those items, and hardware integration.

To subscribe to the "stamps" email list, send e-mail
to In the body of the message,
type "subscribe stamps". You will receive a confirmation
that you are subscribed to the list at the address that
you sent the request from.

--  Tom Mornini ----------------------------------------------------------
--  Parallax, Inc.  ------------------------------------------------------
--  Makers of really cool PIC development tools & the BASIC Stamps  ------
--   --

1995\07\27@202825 by Pic User

We have a stamp-list already. (  Will this replace it
Can we bring the two together?

----------{Original Message removed}

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