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'NC on WIN3.11 hangs after .bat files'
1998\10\08@191041 by Leo

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I have tedious a problem, probably at little of OT, but is happens during
developing for PIC software/hardware.

The my development environment is:

A pentium 200 Mhz used to develop with MPLAB, connected in LAN NETBEUI with
a slave PC as follow:

PC 486 66 Mhz wirh 16 MB RAM
DOS 6.22
WIN 3.11
LAN protocol NETBEUI

I use on this machine WIN 3.11 to stay connected to the LAN at the Pentium
200 PC, and use this old PC (it work perfecly) to send hex files to the
target PIC.

To copy the hex file between the Pentium to the 486 I have written a simple
copy batch routine to avoid to rewrite the entire copy command.

Using the NORTON COMMANDER to start the batch routine is very usefull,
simple pressing enter to start the batch file, and more easy to view or edit

Some times, apparently without any external cause, after the correct end of
sending hex file to the PIC, when the NORTON should be restart, it take more
than 20/30 seconds to restart. It happens about one time on every tree/four

I have experimented that any batch routines started trougth NORTON COMMANDER
sometimes take more time to restart.

I have tested and experimented the same problem on another PC with WIN 3.11.

Anyone have any idea about this noiouse restart delay??

Thanks for your time.



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