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'Multiple file search and replace?'
1994\12\20@100154 by crocontroller discussion list

Hi All
    Is there an extension to the borland IDE which allows
multiple file search and replace?
    Is there a keyboard setup to support VI?  Please don't
shoot me... but my fingers know VI.  I know.. I should be put out
of my misery.

    Dave Foringer

1994\12\23@031435 by crocontroller discussion list

OK, I have the multiple file search and destroy, er, I mean replace utility
if anybody wants it.  It's only 13K zipped (a bit more uuencoded) but in the
interest of bandwidth I won't post it.

Email me with requests.

- JohnR

P.S.:  John Johnson, you should already have it.

John R. Haggis  
Millennium Research
(408) 269-1814 vox
(408) 269-9323 fax

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