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'Moving, PIC Tools for Sale'
1998\03\09@220144 by The Jacky's

I'm moving to a different processor and have some barely used PIC stuff for
(as one complete package only)  Its a good introduction set for PIC's.
The package includes:

PICDEM-2 Demo board with all software and documentation plus 3
windowed PIC 16C73 chips and one windowed 16C64

PIC Start programming board (Lite version...with all software and
but without RS 232 cable or 9V power supply)

Two books: Easy PIC-IN and PIC'n Up the Pace

I'll ship anywhere in the world but buyer needs to pick up the cost for
shipments out of U.S.

Originally this material cost about $300.  Let's start the bidding at
$100..any takers?

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