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'More info: Hitachi LM575 LCD Display -Reply'
1996\11\22@051316 by ang (Chee Foon Tiang)

>I have several Hitachi LM575 LCD displays but no specs!
>Does any one have specs or a WEB site where I could retrieve
>same?  These appear to be 2 line by 16 characters?

>Part number on front 123S00252.  Part number on back LM575.
>Two chips on back HD44100H and HD44780A46.
>14 Pin connector on back.

>Thanks in advance.
>Gene Nitschke
>Landline: (716) 422-5329

Basically you just need the specs for the HD44780U,
the A46 following the HD44780 denotes the ROM character

As far as I know, there is no web site for the specs.
Therefore you need to get the "Hitachi LCD Controller/Driver
LSI" databook from your local representative.

Assuming you are in the States:

Hitachi America Ltd
Semiconductor & IC Division
2000 Sierra Point Parkway
Brisbane, CA 94005-1835
tel: 415-589-8300
fax: 415-583-4207

If you are able to give me your location, I can
give you the regional address.

By the way, the address above are valid for 1995.


Peter Tiang
Design Engineer

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