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'Midi processing (16C84)'
1995\07\13@043630 by m.d.simpson.bra0505

Has anyone out there done midi processing on a PIC 16C84.  By
this, I mean, a midi signal goes into the PIC, the PIC
transforms this signal, (say, adds an octave on to the note),
and then outputs the signal?   If so, any bare bones code for
the midi in/out bit, and whats the minimum speed of PIC I could
get away with?    Mark

1995\07\13@114807 by David B. Thomas

I have a midi send subroutine that works well, which is publicly
available on
I's written for the '54, not the '84, but it should be trivial to adapt.

Their address sums up their attitude: One Microsoft Way

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