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'Microcontroller: Any Ideas?'
1994\08\19@104649 by crocontroller discussion list

> I need a microcontroller to do the following..any ideas anyone?
> 1K internal EEPROM  (memory capacity could be less or more)
> More than 1K internal RAM
> RAM should be non-volatile in sleep mode
> 2x 8bit ports (or eqivalent)
> Or 1 4bit, 1 8bit, R/W and AS pins
> It should also be easily programmable (PIC 15 or 16 or 17 series programmer
> available to me, or 16HC11 types
> If onboard RAM is not available, this is not disastrous, please send me
> any ideas if you have them...
> Desperately,
> Bryan
> PS Please mail asap, as I need to get something built in the next three

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1994\08\31@052731 by alex

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du writes:
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Sorry, not from us - still the only device with EEPROM is the 16C84 - others
planned, but not available short term.
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Arizona Microchip Technology                                    

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