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'Microchip BBS access from Internet?'
1995\06\28@124736 by tnguyen

    You don't need to dial American CIS node to get on Microchip BBS.
    Compuserve nodes are available in most major cities worldwide.  If you
    have problem locating the nearest phone number, send me a private
    e-mail with your city and country names.


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Subject: Microchip BBS access from Internet?
Author:  Adam Eberbach <> at Internet_Exchange
Date:    6/27/95 4:19 PM

So, can you? I don't want to have to dial an American CIS node to
have a look around. Telnet to CIS doesn't seem to work...

Adam Eberbach, R&D Engineer, Dataplex Pty. Ltd.

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