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'Message not deliverable (Dupes)'
1997\07\25@162100 by paulb

Mike Smith wrote:

> (one of which seems to involve getting the odd dupe - I suspect it's
> not telling the ISP's unix host to delete all the messages...)

 You think YOU've got all the problems?  I've been getting dupes quite
routinely, albeit intermittently.  Variously have used Netscape 2,
Pegasus and Netscape 3, all under WIN95.  Of course I discussed it with
the ISP shopfront and got the predictable "Do you know there is an
option you have to set ..." followed by "No-one else has reported it"
(Which makes me wonder whether No-one Else actually receives daily
E-mail, let alone in the quantity of these discussion lists) and the
grudging suggestion that I COULD report it to the Guy Who Runs The
System (if I can locate him - I suppose I might have to E-mail Sysop).

One of these days I will put in the effort and time to see when he's
in his office and make the connection (i.e., have him understand I'm
talking about technical stuff such as the workings of his server) and
see if there is an answer.

 Otherwise, if it doesn't happen TOO often, I will do what we do with
all equipment, software etc., and suffer its idiosyncracies.

 Oh, and I was getting the "non-delivery" messages myself some weeks

       Paul B.

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