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'Memory Pages'
1995\10\10@114655 by FICK, N, N, FCKNOR001

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Hi there,

I'm busy writibg code that is going to overflow into the second page
of program memory.  Does this mean anything significant.  What are
the differences in the second memory page.  Also I have many variable
in the second page of file register memory.  Do I need to change the
page to read/write to these registers??

Thanks in advance


'Memory pages'
1996\08\14@140017 by Harry Tenopoulos
Hi everyone,

I am moving from a 16c55 to a 57 because of memory sortage.

My problem is that i don't understand how to use file registers when the
program is running in page 1, 2, or 3. I've read the following in a text
book but i don't really understand much. Could someone help ??

"If a page in RAM is crossed and registers need to be addressed, remember
to drop the first digit of the address ie in the 16Cxx the option register
is address 81H. When working in page 1, the actual address is 01H, of that

Thanks in advance.

Harry Tenopoulos
University of Bradford

1996\08\14@163716 by Mark K Sullivan


The item you quoted does not apply to the 16C5x (16C5x is not a subset of

Page selection is independent for ROM and RAM.  Program memory is page selected
by the RP bits in the status register.  These must be preset before modifying
the program counter with a CALL, GOTO, or arithmetic operation with PC as the
destination.  Bank selection in RAM is controlled by bits 5 and 6 in the fsr.
Any access, not just via indf, to file registers 0x10 and up will be to the file
register bank indicated by these bits.

- Mark Sullivan -

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