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'Mechanical Strength of a Bolt'
2006\01\30@194610 by Milosz Kardasinski

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> I need to know the strength of a bolt.
> It is rated 10.9, so i think it's strength is 1000N/mm2 when pulling it.

The first two numbers are ultimate tensile strength under which the bolt
will fail.
Multiply that by 100 to get N/mm2 or MPa, so your bolt has a UT of 10000
The number after the decimal is yield strength of the bolt. This is a
percentage of the
ultimate tensile, so in your case 0.9 of 10000 MPa or 90%. Yield stress is
the amount
under which you bolt will plastically other words it will not
return to it's
original shape after you have released the load. All fasterners should be
designed around
yield strength NOT ultimate tensile.

> If i use this bolt to join 2 elements, which try to shift against each
> other, how do i calculate the maximum force it can stand?

Let's get some nomenclature out of the way... The type of joint that you
pictured is
called a single lap joint. The proper way to calculate the strength of that
joint is extensive;
one would have to cover a weeks worth of machine design to cover the topic.
I recommend
a library book on machine design or possible the Machinery's Handbook.

Could you provide some background info on the joint in question?

2006\01\31@115520 by Russell McMahon

>  from the aerospace structural side of it....

... snipped lotsa good stuff ...


>  Also, at ulimate load, because of the degree of relative straining
> and  moduli/comliance (stiffness) of the associated parts in the
> joint ,  friction is generally not an issue or considered.

And *NOW* multiply by your safety factor.
You do have a safety factor, hopefully.
What is it?
Invariably YMWV :-) *


* Oxymoronic puns is what you get from staying up all night :-)

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