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'Matching available pics against desired attributes'
2005\09\04@173033 by John Nall

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I have an old article (vintage 1997) which uses the PIC14C000 in a
project.  It is a nice project, and I would like to work on something of
the sort.  However, I suspect that (a) I could not find a PIC 14C000,
and (b) since 1997 other chips have come out that do the same thing better.

The primary attributes that the 14C000 had for the article were
programmable reference and comparators, and A/D converter.  I looked
around the Microchip site for sort of cross-reference table that might
have all available pics cross-referenced against all available
attributes, but could not find such a thing.

Any suggestion as to where I might find such a cross-reference would be
greatly appreciated.  Failing that (or in addition to that) a suggestion
as to a possible replacement for the 14C000 would also be greatly


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