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'Make in MPLAB with HiTech'
1999\11\07@220513 by Chris Eddy


I had to break up a C program into multiple files for logistics
reasons.  (I would be hanging myself from a rafter if I had to write it
in assy).  When I press CTRL-F10 in MPLAB, I make all.  When I press
F10, I expect to make only the files that changed.  I found that both
perform the same.  I change one file, they all compile.  Of course, I
want to compile only the changed file and link.

Does anyone have insight into this make issue?

Chris Eddy
Pioneer Microsystems, Inc.

1999\11\08@104538 by Jim Ham

Make sure that you have the path to your include files set correctly in the
project definition. If MPLAB can't find the include files, it makes
everything. I had the same trouble.

This tip originally came from someone from Microchip who only occassionally
pipes up. It has literally saved me hours watching the monitor...

Regards, Jim Ham

At 10:05 PM 11/7/1999 -0500, you wrote:
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Jim Ham, Porcine Associates
(650)326-2669 fax(650)326-1071

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