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PICList Thread
'Mailing list digests.'
1994\11\26@154242 by crocontroller discussion list

I've been talking to Jory Bell about this, but we just realized
that it never got posted to the mailing list.

There is a simple way of reducing mail volume, while still keeping
the PIC mailing list. The listserv software that maintains the list
has the option of delivering an automatic digest of the mailing

If you use this option, all the traffic on the PIC list in a given
day is bundled up and mailed to you once a day (at about midnight)
in a single message. If the mail volume is very high you may get
more than one digest per day (this has only happened a couple times
to me). Sometimes things are very quiet and there is no traffic, in
which case there will be no digest message at all.

The disadvantage is that a digest is less interactive. You
generally won't see the discussion on the list until the next day.
For people who mostly lurk like me, this isn't a problem. If you
post a lot you probably will not want the digest option.

To receive the mailing list as a digest, send a message to the
listserv processor spam_OUTLISTSERVTakeThisOuTspamMITVMA.MIT.EDU. In the body of the
message have the single line:


       Do NOT send the message to .....PICKILLspamspam@spam@MITVMA.MIT.EDU !
       Do NOT simply reply to this message!

   Doing so will send your goof to HUNDREDS of people
   around the world, generating lots of annoyance at you.
   (Sorry for yelling...)

You need to send the message from the same account that you receive
the PIC list at. The listserv determines who gets the digest
using the From: line of your message.

If you want to explore other options of the listserv, send the command


to the listserv address. You will get a listserv reference card by
return mail.

I hope this helps people who are getting buried by all the mail.
It's a good way to go because people can individually choose
whether they want low latency time or low mail volume. It avoids
all the potential hassles of a newsgroup. I've been using the
digest option since August, and it certainly works well for me.



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