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PICList Thread
'Macro Assembler'
1995\06\08@072543 by iek

> Does anyone know where I might be able to get C source for a nice PIC
> macro assembler? (My computer doesnt exactly emulate a PC very well - 1/4
> the speed of an XT at the last count!)

> Its an uphill struggle to finish the programmer, port the software to a
> complete new architecture, and write an assembler before I can even start
> by target project....

My GNU licenced macro assembler is available on:  in /pub/microprocs/pic/pictools

Version 0.1 is ANSI C and is 'cheap and nasty' and has one really big BUG
               (I can supply an easy patch on request)

Version 0.8 is ANSI C, flex and bison code and is difficult for many people
               to compile.

Version 1.0 should be out r.s.n. and will be back to ANSI C alone.  It would
have been finished by now but I have been busy trying to get a new and shinier
job recently, which is a suprisingly stressful thing to do. ;-)

I will put v1.0 up for ftp as soon as its available.

Finally I am in the process of building an ETI programmer (with a few mods)
and this should be supported by a downloader, but not until 1.1



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