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'Macintosh and PickStart 16b'
1995\07\13@051654 by Karl Grabe

        From the desk of Karl Grabe                                 7/13/95
                                                   #240# CIM
SUBJECT:     Macintosh and PickStart 16b/c

I'm posting this thread for anyone out there who'd like to use PickStart 16B
and 16C with a Macintosh running SoftPC. I've verified it works with a
PowerBook 180 and PicSTart 16B while Otmar has verified 16C with a mac.
Cable connections are included below. It should work with most Macs that are
as fast as a PB180
*** Thread follows:

Hi Karl,
Thank You!  It works well!

Here's what I found...

It only works on my PB180 with Soft AT only when most of the extensions are
It works on a Power PC running Soft windows (Native) in dos mode with all
the extensions on.
It won't work on my Duo 230 with Soft AT at all. :-(

I find I'm still not totally clear on which pins are what but if it's wrong
I just flip it. I think the apple modem tool is correct if you use it to
look at the open end of the female on the picstart, or printer or whatever.

I found that a female DIN8 packages nice in a 9 pin D-sub cover. Just fill
it with hot glue. Makes a cute short adapter.

Thank you so much for the tip. Can I distribute it freely?

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