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'MPlab wont talk to Picstart Pro--any suggestions?'
2000\01\09@021942 by William K. Borsum

Hi Folks:

I've got two Picstat Plus's--my original one with the latest 2.01 firmware,
and one I bought from another developer that still has 1.5.  The 1.5
version unit worked OK during November/December and let me get my current
production runs done. During this period, the original unit decided to
start working again so I though all was cool.

I currently need a few more '57s programmed, and now BOTH programmers
refuse to talk to MPLAB (4.12.00).  The procedure I follow is to power down
everything, including the main computer (pentium 200, WIn98, 64 MB ram),
the bring up the main system, followed immediately by MPLab.  The Picstart
is then powered up and connected to the RS232 port (COMM-1), and finally
the initialize picstart command is selected.  At this point I get into the
"sorry MPlab can't communicate with the Picstart" routine.
typically, I get:
       1.  Can't receive--verify connection--0000,01,00,88
       2.  Resetting Picstart
       3.  Can't Transmit--verify connection--000,32,00,88
       4.  Picstart not found on COM-1

The Com port is working fine with other programs, passes all echo-back
tests, etc.  Ditto for the cable.

I actually got initialization once this morning, then lost it when I
imported the Hex file.

I sincerely don't have a clue at this point.  Anybody have any suggestions?
I'm ready to try just about anything, including a sledge hammer.

I've got an older/slower machine running '95 I'm going to transfer
everything to tonite and see if it works--then at least I can rule out
something weird in my main computer hardware.


William K. Borsum, P.E. -- OEM Dataloggers and Instrumentation Systems
<> & <>San Diego, California, USA

2000\01\10@225656 by Jim Robertson

At 11:18 PM 1/8/00 -0800, you wrote:

If you still don't have any luck you can try this replacement driver. (1.5Meg)

You will need the repaired EXE file below to copy over the installed
WinTM4.EXE that is part of the above setup kit. (0.5Meg)

To use select the Picstart plus option under the "Mode" menu.

This driver offers some great advantages over the inbuilt picstart plus
driver especially when combined with the coming utility "Engage!" and the
patched firmware to reduce the flash programming times to what they
should be.

Of course I'm sure you will be happy if it just works!

This driver will be officially released renamed as NewGen with Engage!
and the firmware patch shortly.

You can try the current WinTM4 version until the end of the month.
I would apreciate any and all feedback.


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2000\01\10@235355 by Darrel Johansen

picon face
Jim Robertson wrote:
> You can try the current WinTM4 version until the end of the month.
> I would apreciate any and all feedback.
> Jim, too.

|     Darrel Johansen     |
|     tempe,  arizona     |
|  |

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