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'MPX5100A sensor'
1996\11\14@095217 by Roland Andrag

Sorry for posting slightly off topic - just want to clear this up...

Hank Gupton wrote:

{Quote hidden}

Hank, please have a look at the Motorola MPX5100/D datasheet,  rev.
3. To my knowledge this is the latest version.  On page 4 you will
find the transfer function, pressure error and temperature error
factor for the MPX5100A (Not the 5100D, which is on page 3).  The
pressure error is clearly indicated as +- 2.5 kPa over the pressure
range 15 to 115 kPa, NOT 0 to 100 kPa as for the 5100D.

>   What is your objection to the MPX4115A?

None, just that I currently own an MPX5100A, not the MPX4115A.


>   The external A/D converter is 12-bit; the internal, 8-bit.  It's a
> question of granularity.  Do you want your altimeter to register 256
> separate Feet (Meters) or 4,096 separate Feet (Meters) of altitude?

It looks like I'm either going to have to either use external
conditioning circuitry with the 8 bit 16C71 or an external (higher
accuracy) A/D with the 16C84. Thanks for the reply


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