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'MPSIM simulator.'
1994\10\28@101022 by crocontroller discussion list

Hi PIC users,

I have a question about assemblers and simulators.  I had heard many
positive things about the Macro+ assembler (ASPIC) and have been trying
to learn how to use it.  I have written a few simple programs for the '84
and run them OK on the chip.  Now as I begin to write more complex
programs, I would like to incorporate a simulator into the development
cycle.  So I have downloaded MPSIM (v4.2 -- whatever the latest is) and
gone through the tutorial.  It seems pretty useful.

Here's my question:  When I tried to single step through a simple program
written in ASPIC, I would lose all symbols, and single step through
"source code" generated by the disassembler I think.  When I did a "LO
test" MPSIM complained about not finding a .COD file.  The sample.COD
file that came with MPSIM looked like it was not ASCII.  I could not find
any info in the ASPIC manual about generating this file, so I am at a
loss.  Should I abandod ASPIC and use MPASM?  Am I using the wrong

Thanks for any help!

--Jason Gorden

1994\10\31@043431 by crocontroller discussion list


MPSIM works fine with MPSIM, but the latest version needs a command line
switch to tell it you are using MPALC, as they have changed the defaults.
Since MPSIM expects all of your program to be in a single file, compile
your program with the command line switch -L,T (for terse output) into a
file *.LST, where * MUST be the same as the name of your .obj file.

The file DEMO.ZIP contains an example makefile to run MPSIM (you will need
to add the -C option for the new version of MPSIM).  Registered users of
ASPIC get SIMVIEW, a parser that turns the output of mpsim into a parsable
data file indicating the register values at all times, so that the
waveforms can be plotted, or the output may be parsed into an STI file for
multi-PIC simulations.

I suggest that you compile your program twice,  once with listing off, to
trap errors so your editor can goto the error lines for you. The second
time will compile with listing on, so the simulator will have a listing
file to work from (only if you will be simulating). This may seem like it
will be slow, but ASPIC compiles my typical full 16c84 design (about 12000
lines) in about 4 seconds on a relatively slow DX2-66 running under
Windows, so you're only talking about a 4 or 5 second delay.

I am working on a new extension to the .OBJFIL directive... .OBJFIL FISH,
to output .COD files. The problem is that the .COD file format stinks <g>.
With it, you cannot have data randomly distributed throughout the memory
space, and it still needs more work to make it reliable.  It also imposes
label and code structure restrictions that I am having trouble reconciling
with the power and flexibility of ASPIC.

I'm here if you need further assistance.

-Don Lekei

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