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'MPLINK error (with MPLAB)'
1999\07\01@041223 by peterc

I am having a problem using the PIC linker, with shared General Purpose

I am using the 16c76.lkr file (supplied with MPLAB) , for the 16c77

I have added:
  SECTION  NAME=global_vars  RAM=gprnobnk

in my .asm file I have:
 global_vars  UDATA
 "variable definitions"

When MPLAB has run the linker I get an error:

"Section 'global_vars' has a memory 'gprnobnk' which is not defined in
the linker command file"

What's wrong? The variable definitions after global_vars  UDATA should
be in all the RAM banks.

If I change the first SHAREBANK declaration (in the standard linker
file) to DATABANK and comment out the other 3 then the linker is happy
and the variables get defined in locations 70h onwards. It would appear
to be a problem with the SHAREBANK declaration.

I am using MPLAB V 4.00.00.
Peter Crighton

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