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'MPLAB-SIM Question'
1997\02\06@080143 by Andrew Warren


Can anyone help this guy?  I know next to nothing about MPLAB-SIM.

   ------- Begin Forwarded Message ------

   From:             hausch <>
   Organization:     FH Mannheim / DK-Labor

   I'm using the MPLAB-Sim since a few days and I want to change my
   I/O-Pins with a Stimulus file, like I did in MPSIM.

   I use the Debug>Simulator Stimulus menu to open my *.sti file
   (the same I wrote for the MPSIM). After that, when I single step
   through the programm with the F7 key, none of the pins changes

   What can it be ?

   How can I set the injection point to "time" like I did with the
   "IP time"-command in the MPSIM?

   Because it didn't work with the stimulus-file, I tried to change
   the pins like I did in the MPSIM with the "SE ***"-command. But
   this won't work, too. ??!!??

   ------ End of Forwarded Message -------

If you know the answers to his questions, please send them directly
to him at; I don't think he's on the



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1997\02\06@091941 by Darrel Johansen

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You didn't say which processor.

All of these questions are answered in the recent README.LAB that
accompanies the latest MPLAB-SIM INT-REL release on the Microchip BBS
and Web page.  The update is just for the 17Cxx devices, and is not very

1997\02\06@103040 by myke predko

Andy and Hausch,

After changing the .sti file, you have to save it and reload it by selecting
"Debug-Simulator Stimulus-Pin Stimulus" in MPLAB-SIM (how it was loaded the
first time).  It doesn't reload automatically (even when you save and end
the editor for the .sti file and "Reset Processor").

If if have at least two spare pins, I do the following trick to make sure
that the correct .sti Test Version file is loaded.  For the first ten or so
clock cycles of the .sti program, I make a pin alternate and add the
matching port to the watch window to watch the stim file working.


 STEP     RA0       OtherPins          ;  RA0 is the "Test" Pin
    1       1       Initial Cond
    2       0       Initial Cond
    3       1       Initial Cond
    4       0       Initial Cond

Then, When I change the .sti file, I change the pin.


 STEP     RA1       OtherPins          ;  RA1 is the NEW "Test" Pin
    1       1       Initial Cond
    2       0       Initial Cond

So that as I go through, I know I have the right test level of the .sti file.

I got pretty frustrated by this as well until I figured out what was happening.

Good Luck,


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1997\02\06@130356 by Ed Todd

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Try Window/Stopwatch and make sure the stop watch is set to zero before
running the STI file: if the stop watch shows 10,000 and your STI entries
are in range 1000-5000, nothing will happen.  The stop watch also helps you
while away the hours it takes to simulate a few miliseconds.
 <>    Ed Todd

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