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'MPLAB programmers. warp-3, pp1 PICSTART 16C'
1999\01\17@015744 by Jim Robertson

Hi Folks,

For anyone interested in the state of play of the coming MPLAB programmer
upgrades here's a quick summary.

1) I have the picstart 16C working with MPLAB and programming every ISP part
supported by MPLAB including the 16F84 and the 12C parts. The replacement
firmware chip is a 16C558 otp part. A wiring list is in the adapter.htm
file on my web

2) I have the WARP-3 and PP1 working with MPLAB and programming every
PIC 12C, 14C and  16C part including the 16C5x parts.

3) The OTP Pics for the upgrade chips are ordered but not in stock. As soon
as I
have them  then I will offer an MPLAB upgrade for the 16C immediately. I
need PCB
adapters for the warp-3 and pp1 and these are being made now.

4) Anyone local who can help out with a small number of 16C558 and 16C62
otp pics
is more than welcome to contact me.


Jim Robertson

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