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'MPLAB downloads to PROMATE and ???????'
1999\04\13@110432 by Julian Fine

Try downloadin the latest promate firmware. The latest MPLAB has given us
hell and still does, I wish they would leave something that works alone as
not every one is a software genius.

We are still waiting to here why software written for a 12c509 does not run
on a 12c509A.

For all the geniuses out there why does the below software work on a 12c509
but not on a 12c509A

;PROJECT ;Test Code for generating a known frequency to compare on a 12c509A
;Info    :Note the oscal value has been set at the reset vector 3FFh and
;        also at 0FFh as the Promate programmer software first reads 3FFh
;        for the oscal value then Overwrites this value to 3FFh on
;        programming of the 12c509. As this value is not always constant
;        for all 12c509's when reading a device, I set the oscal value
;        twice as a precaution to prevent a read of the Default value
;        Overwriting my value in 3FFh ,So even if it does overwrite 3ffH
;        With an unknown or default value it is changed at 0FFh to My
;        value and written to oscal register 5h
;The problem is that even if the ocsal trim value on the new 12c509A
;Is set for Maximum speed it Still doesn't seem to run the code at
;the correct speed but runs to slow. All our code has been writen for
;the old 12c509 with a value of 96 writen to oscal and we would like
;to use the new 12c509A to replace the old 12c509
;Our tests show that the Code writen bellow generates a 3.937 Khz tone
;on porta Ra5 with a 12c509 with oscal value B'01100000'
;And on a 12c509A it generates 3.827 Khz tone with oscal value B'11111100'
;which is the maximum speed setting.
;For a 12c509A I would write the Oscal value the same way but
;with differnt value B'11111100' "max speed"
;(Ocacal register 8Fh) pin definitions as per data sheet 1997 for 12c509A
;7=cal3     *
;6=cal2     *
;5=cal1     *
;4=cal0     *
;3=calfst   fast course trim
;2=calslw   slow course trim
;1=not implemented
;0=not implemented
;(Ocacal register 8Fh) pin definitions as per data sheet 1998 for 12c509A
;7=cal5     *
;6=cal4     *
;5=cal3     *
;4=cal2     *
;3=cal1     *
;2=cal0     *
;1=not implemented
;0=not implemented
;(Ocacal register 5h) pin definitions as per data sheet 1998 for 12c509
;7=cal3     *
;6=cal2     *
;5=cal1     *
;4=cal0     *
;3=not implemented
;2=not implemented
;1=not implemented
;0=not implemented
 list            R=DEC           ;Set radix to decimal
               list            P=12C509        ;Set device to pic12c509
;  list            F=INHX8M        ;INTEL HEX format
oscal           equ             5h              ;rc osc calabration value
port_a          equ             6h              ;equate port a
same            equ             1               ;same register
w               equ             0               ;w register
_pc             equ             02h             ;program counter
_rtcc           equ             01h             ;rtcc
indirect        equ             00h             ;indirect address contents
_fsr            equ             04h             ;file select register
_status         equ             03h             ;status register
_carry          equ             0               ;carry flag
_zero           equ             2               ;zero flag
temp9          equ             13h              ;Timer
temp12         equ             17h              ;-----
;port pin definitions
testpin         equ             5               ;0 output to freq counter
;               equ             4               ;1
;               equ             3               ;1
;               equ             2               ;1
;               equ             0               ;1
;               equ             1               ;1
               org             000h            ;Begin of prog mem
start           movlw           B'01100000'     ;96 Oscal trim value as set
                                               ;on the 12c509
               movwf           oscal           ;load oscal value
               movlw           B'011111'       ;i/o config porta RA5 = 0
 tris            port_a          ;
 clrf            port_a          ;resetting port a
 movlw           B'11011111'     ;setup  wdt 128:1
 option                          ;
 bcf             _fsr,5          ;ram page 0
               goto            main            ;
timer1          movlw           1               ;
 movwf           temp9           ;
loop7           movlw           29              ;
 movwf           temp12          ;
loop6           clrwdt                          ;kick dog
 decfsz          temp12,same     ;
 goto            loop6           ;
 decfsz          temp9,same      ;
 goto            loop7           ;
 retlw           0               ;
main            call            timer1          ;delay
               bsf             port_a,testpin  ;testpin high
               call            timer1          ;delay
               bcf             port_a,testpin  ;testpin low
               goto            main            ;loop back to main
 org             3ffh            ;last address
               movlw           B'01100000'     ;96 Oscal trim value
               END                             ;As set on the 12c509

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1999\04\13@110838 by Clark, John

picon face
I presume you are aware of the higher resolution of OSCAL on the 12C509A?

John Clark, Software Engineer
(317) 715-8175 (voice & fax)

Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
3500 DePauw Blvd., Suite 1060
Indianapolis, IN  46268-1136

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1999\04\13@120035 by Harold Hallikainen

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On Tue, 13 Apr 1999 16:24:07 +0200 Julian Fine <.....julianKILLspamspam@spam@FINE.CO.ZA>
>Try downloadin the latest promate firmware. The latest MPLAB has given
>hell and still does, I wish they would leave something that works
>alone as
>not every one is a software genius.

       I DID successfully download the latest promat software, though I
had to use the DOS promate program to do it.  The one in MPLAB 4.0
continues to give error messages after transmitting a little bit of the
       I haven't checked it ALL out yet, but it appears that the DOS
PROMATE program is not being updated any more.  I don't know if the
device files for it are the same as for any other interface, but I need
to program the 16c74b, and it's not (currently) a choice on my DOS
promate software.  Maybe I can find a device file for it.
       However, it WOULD be nice to get the download to promate out of
MPLAB working!
       I'm running Windoze 3.11 with the promate on COM2.  I turned off
the FIFO on COM2 in the system.ini, as suggested in the MPLAB help.
Still not working yet...


Harold Hallikainen
Hallikainen & Friends, Inc.
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in LPFM proceeding at

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1999\04\13@160351 by Julian Fine

We know about the higher resolution but are we missing something some where.
Microchip insists that the 12c509 and 12c509a are identical but they are not
so why should we look for the fault at our expense.
I maintain that software that works on a 12c509 should work on a 12c509a if
as they say they are the same.
If they said there are differences then fine but again microchip says the
chips are identical.
Am i being a hardass or what.

************* Julian Fine ***********
********** ********
******* *******
** **

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