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'MPLAB crashes Windows 3.1'
1996\11\05@054314 by Roland Andrag

> Ian Chapman wrote:
> > Thanks for your speedy response.  I tried downloading and installing the
> > latest version today (MPL31200) but unfortunately MPLAB still fails with
> > exactly the same symptoms.
> I guess we need to back up then and find out more about your system.
> How much memory/disk space do you have?  What kind of CPU?  You're using
> Windows 3.1 by itself (not running under some other operating system
> like).  MPLAB needs a 386 or greater, about 4M of RAM, a few megs of
> free disk space.  Did the install work without any errors or messages
> (or is it the install itself that is failing)?
> Darrel J.

Hello Ian & Everyone!!

I am experiencing more or less the same problem - Double click on
icon (hourglass),  hard disk starts running,  icons disappear.  Only
my system does not freeze - I get a General protection fault.  Im am
not quite sure what version of MPLAB I have - I downloaded it from
the web site about 1 or two months ago.  I have since erased the
installation,  all copies of BCCWIN.DLL (or whatever),  and
reinstalled it,  with the same results.  Installation goes fine, no
problems reported.
My system runs on a P100,  16 Mb ram, 1.2 Gb hdd (around 300 Mb free),
etc. etc.

That's about it..


PS.  The most enjoyable aspect of reading this group everyday is the
fact that there are NO off topic postings, NO stupid arguments on the
operation of capacitors,  and that I get it in a digest form with ALL
the messages present and in the right order - no reply's to original
messages I have not received,  and probably will never receive.  I
find newsgroups very unreliable,  and would be very much in favour of
keeping this list is the form that is is now.

Ok, now I'm really done..

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