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'MPLAB compatible programmer'
1999\07\07@162055 by Rodolfo

Hi folks:
       I will assembly a pic programmer. I saw many programmers schematics in
the web, but none compatible with MPLAB (like PicStart Plus).
       Can you help me?

       Rodolfo - Brazil

1999\07\07@175146 by Bob Blick

On Wed, 7 Jul 1999, Rodolfo wrote:
> the web, but none compatible with MPLAB (like PicStart Plus).

Add a 4LAB chip from:

to make your home-built programmer work with MPLAB. They also have MPLAB
compatible programmers for sale.


1999\07\07@175737 by Peter van Hoof

picon face
<x-flowed>It should be possible to do this with software only, a device driver in
mplab ... but I guess i'm only dreaming , it would require at least
Microchip's information of the way to interface with mplab. This  would
probably cut too much in their business


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