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'MPLAB ICD and Windows NT'
1999\06\17@085810 by Howard McGinnis

I was told by Microchip that the MPLAB ICD does not work under NT, the
problem being the same serial communications problems. Quite a
disappointment, since apparently they fixed the MPLAB PIC Start Plus
interface problems.

Has anyone used the ICD under NT? Is this correct that it doesn't function?

Howard McGinnis
Electronic Visions, Inc.
1650 Barrett Drive
Rockledge FL 32955
(407) 632-7530

1999\06\18@201615 by Brian Kraut

picon face
We were told at the seminar I went to Tuesday that MPLAB is being completely
rewritten and will work with all programmers, emulators, etc. in NT.  They did
not have a date it will be available.

Howard McGinnis wrote:

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