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PICList Thread
'MPLAB (again)'
1996\11\25@030710 by tjaart

I've noticed a couple of Microchip engineers on board the PIClist.

I seem to get nowhere when I follow the normal channels with
enquiries, so PLEASE clear up the following :

1) When will we see a MPLAB that recognizes MPLABC variables
       (long, array, and one day bit variables) ?
2) When will we see a MPLAB that remembers the setup of the
       File Register Window (it jumps back to HEX every time you
       start up) ?
3) When will we see a MPLAB that displays Watch windows with their
       saved names (rather than watch_1 , watch_2 .....) ?
4) When will we see a MPLAB that can recompile a source file after
       a system reset?
5) When will we see a MPLAB/PICMASTER combination of which the
       "step over" command actually works ?
6) When will we see support on MPLABC ?
7) When will we see the (overdue) upgrade on MPLABC ?
8) When will the ICEPIC upgrades on the website be updated ?
       (I know it is on the BBS, but downloading from here is a
And....the show stopper :
8) When will we see a MPLAB that runs nice and stable on WIN95 ?
       (The previous version was better)

Friendly Regards

Tjaart van der Walt
|  Another sun-deprived R&D Engineer slaving away in a dungeon |
|WASP International GSM vehicle tracking and datacomm solutions|
|+27-(0)11-622-8686 |   | |

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