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'MPASM and 80x25 mode'
1995\10\20@120654 by Peter Jennings

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> Those silly buggers at bytecraft must believe that everyone uses the
> 'menu-interface' of the assembler; I just want to run the assembler
> directly from my editor (which doesn't like mode changes in its DOS
> shell) or from make (in which case my screen is blanked and reset to
> 80x25).

I'm confused. I use MPASM 1.21 from the DOS command line

   C> MPASM MYSTUFF            ( where, MYSTUFF.ASM is my source )

and it doesn't affect my 80x50 display at all. What am I missing
here? Works fine from the editor DOS shell. Doesn't bring up the
menu, just assembles and returns to the editor.

MPSIM on the other hand does change the display to 80x25. And just
to show how dumb it is, it changes the display mode when it exits,
proving it wasn't necessary. It would be much nicer if it would use
all 50 lines to display the code or registers.


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