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PICList Thread
'MPASM 1.2 Messages.'
1995\07\10@033652 by Andrew Warren

Nino Benci <spam_OUTNino.BenciTakeThisOuTspamSCI.MONASH.EDU.AU> asked:

>What does the following message mean. It is not explained in the
>usrguide.txt file.
>    Message: Using default destination of 1 (file)
>It does not occur consistentlyand the instructions that it preceeds
>are not always the same.


The PIC instruction set allows the result of most file-oriented
instructions to be stored in either the file register itself or the
W-register.  One would normally use, for instance,

   INCF    REG,W

to store the result of the INCF in the W-register, and

   INCF    REG

to store the result back in register REG.

When you use the prior form of the instruction (since MPASM
automatically equates "W" to 0), you're actually saying

   INCF    REG,0

What many people apparently don't realize is that the latter form of
the instruction implies a trailing ",1":

   "INCF REG" is equivalent to "INCF REG,1".

Nobody in his right mind actually puts the ",1"s in his code; it's
time-consuming,  distracting, and it makes all instructions look sort
of like bit-oriented (BSF, BTFSS, etc.) instructions.

Someone in Microchip's Tech-Support Department, however, has decided
that it's a good idea to warn us that our code is doing exactly what we
want it to, so MPASM now generates the message whenever you properly
"forget" to explicitly specify the destination with a ",1".

I don't know anyone (including MPASM's author) who thinks this message
is a particularly good idea; as far as I can tell, its only purpose is
to allow stupid people to make their code as hard for us to read as it
is for them to write.

Sometime soon, MPASM will include a facility for selectively turning
off individual messages, warnings, and errors, so you'll be able to
keep the message from appearing in your .LST file.  Until then, you'll
just have to try to ignore it, I guess.


Andrew Warren -
Fast Forward Engineering, Vista, California

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