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'MPASM long integer'
1999\11\01@011952 by Gianni

Hi !
I'm writing a program for a  16F84 based speed meter.
I'd like insert some constant as EQU , to avoid manually
calculate them.
How can I copy a long constant into 3 byte variable.
....     const.
       ruota           equ  1753
       dividendo       equ  ruota * 3600               604b90h
....    var.
       ACCaLo  equ     12              ;24 bit accumulator
       ACCaMid equ     13
       ACCaHi  equ     14
       movlw           ????                    ; 90h
       movwf           ACCaLo
       movlw           ????                    ; 4bh
       movwf           ACCaMid
       movlw           ????                    ; 60h
       movwf           ACCaHi


1999\11\01@014935 by Dennis Plunkett

At 08:08 1/11/99 +0100, you wrote:
{Quote hidden}

If I recall the MPASM thingo has some problems, and often truncated to
16bits for equates. If this problem does not exist, then you should be able
to do things like


Note that there is no range checking as it sees all as the one location
(Could use high and low for 16 bits). And I am assuming that it makes this
a 32 bit number. But I am not sure at all.


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