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1998\12\04@081603 by Paul Phillips

Hi there, just downloaded MLAP (v4.0), could anybody out there help me to,
how to use it, for example, how to see BITS of port and b etc.


Paul Phillips

1998\12\04@191857 by Eric Borcherding

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The MPLAB 3.4 book is out of date, I piddled with it until I got familiar with

When you want to see port B and C use the watch window and then select the
properties of the watch item and set this to Binary presentation.
You will see D7-Do in bits from left to right in the watch window that can be
saved with the project.


1998\12\05@062928 by Roberto Guimaraes

Click on window menu and select  special function register.

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De: Paul Phillips <.....paul.phillipsKILLspamspam@spam@CONSYSE.CO.UK>
Data: Sexta-feira, 4 de Dezembro de 1998 11:04
Assunto: MLAP

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