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PICList Thread
'MChip 2000 Embedded Control Seminar'
2000\03\01@175327 by jamesnewton

picon face
Hey, guess what? I'm hearing from my MChip FAE that the second San Diego
stop for the "2000 Embedded Control Seminar" will be held in the Radisson
Hotel right next door to my office building here in Rancho Bernardo!

I'm wondering who from the PICList might go so I can shake some hands and
put faces with names.

They are also having a pretty kick butt deal: $130 for the seminar and the

I got the following advance information:

The 2000
Embedded Control Seminar
Is Open for Business.

The unique format of this year's Embedded Control Seminar will step you
through a real-world application challenge, from marketing specifications
through successful design implementation. Spend the day with Microchip
experts on the job at "Arcturas Ltd." -- the "hottest" new company on Planet
Microchip, and discover how our flexible embedded control solutions will
help your designs take off. Architectural options, memory technology
choices, peripheral selections and interfacing sensors to microcontroller
peripherals are all covered. The full-day Embedded Control Seminar
registration fee of $50 includes all instructional material, lunch and

It would be helpful but not necessary to have a basic understanding of
embedded system application design and PICmicro architecture.

Register online using VISA. or MasterCard. credit cards.
Register by telephone by calling toll-free (from the US):
Toll Free:   1-800-437-2767
Register by completing the information on the next and faxing to:
Fax:   480-917-4051
Or, contact your local Microchip sales office.


8:00 am         Registration
8:30 - 10:00 am Select the right microcontroller including variations of the
System Design and development to meet the marketing spec.
Break   Refreshments provided
10:30 - 12:00   Interfacing the microcontroller to the real world (including
filter and amplification issues as well as A/D conversion on and off chip)
12:00 - 1:00 pm Lunch (provided)
1:00 - 2:30 pm  Adding features using Distributed Processing via the CAN bus.
Break   Refreshments provided
3:00 - 4:00 pm  Interface to Home PC via USB and migrate the code to a higher
end 8 bit PICmicro.

Pre-register for the Embedded Control Seminar and take advantage of the
special savings on two of Microchip's most popular development tools:
1) PICSTART. Plus PICmicro MCU Programmer
$150.00 with pre-registration for the Embedded Control Seminar (includes
seminar fee). In addition you may purchase a second PICSTART Plus for
$150.00 USD
2) MPLAB. ICD In-Circuit Debugger
$130.00 with pre-registration for the Embedded Control Seminar (includes
seminar fee). In addition you may purchase an additional MPLAB-ICD for
$130.00 USD.

James Newton (PICList Admin #3) 1-619-652-0593
PIC/PICList FAQ: or .org

2000\03\02@163011 by Erik Reikes

I'm up here in Sorrento Valley.  What is the date of this seminar?

I couldn't seem to find specific information about a seminar in San Diego
on this page.

Do you have a page with details?  Sounds interesting to me.

At 02:52 PM 3/1/00 -0800, James Newton wrote:
{Quote hidden}

Erik Reikes
Senior Software Engineer
Xsilogy, Inc.
ph : (858) 535-5113
fax : (858) 535-5163
cell : (858) 663-1206

2000\03\04@103605 by

face picon face
I understand from my FAE that the Seminar in RB will be on August 9th. Hope
to see many of you there.

James Newton
1-619-652-0593 phone

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