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'MCLR Isolation'
2005\04\04@030722 by vasile surducan

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On Sat, 2 Apr 2005 14:31:28 -0800 (PST), Harold Hallikainen
<> wrote:
> Is such a diode really necessary?

 definitely not

I don't have my design schematics here
> at home, but I typically just do a 10k pull-up to +5V and an RC to ground
> on -MCLR. If Vpp goes up to +13V, that's only 800uA through the 10k.
> Shouldn't really cause any problem unless you have a VERY lightly loaded
> power supply (where injecting 800uA into the +5V supply would cause the
> +5V supply to go too high).

 and such power supply does not exist.

 There is a place where is indeed necessary a discharging diode, for
the MCLR filtering capacitor (between the MCLR and VDD) and just to
avoid the reset malfunction when fast Vdd glitches occure.


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