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'Looking for 24c65 EEPROM routines'
1999\03\29@180000 by Jerome Knapp

       Has anyone used the routines from AN567?  Im trying to use a 24c65
with a 16F84, page write and sequential read. Im using AN567 as a guide but Im
not making very much progress.  I would like confirmation that these routines
are OK, so I can look elsewhere for my problem.

       If anyone knows of other code available or further information on the
web I would be grateful if you would share.  Thanks,

Jerome Knapp

1999\03\31@141127 by Giles L. Honeycutt

I tried to use AN567 a long time ago.  I had to recreate it extensivly when
I was using a 2 byte addressed I2C EEPROM.  As I remember, the timming is
not compleate and it is written for small I2C EEPROM (1 byte addressing)

Get the I2C book from Phillips or your EEPROM manufacture.  Atmel has a good
reference for the large I2C EEPROMS (That's what I used to get my timming
down when I did it). you should be able to write your own code easy enough.
I am about to re-use my old I2C code in the next week or so.  If you are not
in a hurry, you can e-mail me in a few days and I may have some example code
I can give you, but at this time I am a bit out of touch with the code and
would not be able to help if I gave it to you now.

e-mail address:
Best regards,

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'Looking for 24c65 EEPROM routines'
1999\04\02@013853 by Dr. Imre Bartfai
be calm, they work. What kind of pullups you are using?

On Mon, 29 Mar 1999, Jerome Knapp wrote:

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