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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'I2c or SPI over long distances'
1995\10\16@200455 by Derek Mitchell
1995\10\17@024220 by Derek Mitchell
1995\10\17@084454 by divanov
1995\10\18@042423 by Ian King

'Learn how to ZERO OUT your Long Distance telephone'
1995\11\11@200546 by sureshot
1995\11\13@122642 by Steve Chandler

'Long calls to switch pages'
1995\12\30@073058 by Mark G. Forbes
1995\12\30@112449 by Brad Mitchell
1995\12\31@203649 by Tracy R. Reed

'RE[2]: Long calls to switch pages'
1996\01\01@001630 by James Musselman
1996\01\01@040130 by David Peterson

'long time delays'
1996\03\14@210207 by Everett Cox
1996\03\14@223530 by Andrew Warren
1996\03\15@065113 by Andy Errington

'Long Delays'
1996\04\21@222104 by Ken Parkyn
1996\04\21@235634 by Todd Peterson
1996\04\22@031725 by Chaipi Wijnbergen
1996\04\22@090454 by n/a

'Free Data Books -- NO LONGER AVAILABLE'
1996\05\03@011053 by Andrew Warren

'PIC16C74 taking incredible long to erase w/ dataer'
1996\07\31@041116 by NEIL GANDLER
1996\07\31@043402 by Chaipi Wijnbergen
1996\07\31@091427 by Norm Cramer
1996\07\31@111637 by Martin J. Maney
1996\07\31@112434 by Martin J. Maney
1996\07\31@113026 by Peter Shoebridge
1996\07\31@165731 by Jim Main

'PIC16C74 taking incredible long to erase w/ dataer'
1996\08\01@095326 by eds
'Free data books are NO LONGER AVAILABLE'
1996\08\06@000919 by fastfwd
'AN589 reply [Long]'
1996\08\22@050905 by Andy Errington

'Macros no longer assemble'
1996\09\10@235940 by John & Maria Perry
1996\09\11@022119 by fastfwd
'Security (longest thread ever?)'
1996\09\11@035320 by Andy Errington
1996\09\11@040530 by fastfwd
1996\09\11@044657 by antti

'Problems with PCLATH, Long Calls and Interrupts (P'
1996\10\26@153955 by NEIL GANDLER
1996\10\27@141221 by fastfwd
1996\10\28@085831 by Mike Riendeau

'How long PIC's life?'
1996\11\14@230844 by anai Anantawatanawitaya
1996\11\14@234027 by Steve Hardy
1996\11\15@000624 by Giles L. Honeycutt
1996\11\15@020841 by Ian Stirling
1996\11\15@152118 by Craig Knotts
'Looking for "long goto" macro for 17c4x.'
1996\11\21@092103 by BLEGER

'Rerouting Long Distance Cellular Calls.'
1997\01\10@060046 by Rodolfo V. Moreno
1997\01\10@105756 by David Nicholls
1997\01\10@171305 by Christopher Zguris
1997\01\12@001920 by Matthew Mucker
1997\01\12@023000 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
'Need Help with '73/'74 Uart Problem (long)'
1997\01\15@230327 by H. P. Friedrichs
1997\01\16@025550 by Chaipi Wijnbergen
'RS232, AN555 and 16C84 (a bit long)'
1997\01\16@072312 by Hans H H Hansen
'Need Help with '73/'74 Uart Problem (long)'
1997\01\16@123730 by Brooke
1997\01\16@135609 by Ray Gardiner
1997\01\16@160741 by Dennis Long
1997\01\16@192530 by John Payson
1997\01\20@075150 by Fred Thompson

'Long Variables in MPC or MPLABC'
1997\02\03@090021 by tjaart
1997\02\03@153933 by Andrew Warren
'Softaid no longers supports the PIC series?'
1997\02\27@204552 by Robert Zeff
1997\02\27@234123 by tjaart
1997\02\28@093455 by Shawn Ellis

'Softaid no longers supports the PIC series?'
1997\03\02@232128 by Martin Buchholtz

'2 bytes into unsigned long'
1997\04\21@090013 by FrankT
1997\04\21@093914 by tjaart
1997\04\21@095159 by Mike Smith
1997\04\21@121414 by Mike Smith
1997\04\22@015217 by Mike Smith
1997\04\22@113625 by Gerhard Fiedler
'Help with long call'
1997\04\26@174152 by Octavio Nogueira
1997\04\28@065228 by Andy Kunz
1997\04\28@071548 by Octavio Nogueira
1997\04\28@092802 by mike
1997\04\28@101455 by Tom Handley
1997\04\28@102938 by Andy Kunz
1997\04\28@131905 by mike
1997\04\28@151815 by Octavio Nogueira
1997\04\28@172511 by Richard Katezansky
1997\04\29@025743 by Bruno Rodeghiero
'Help: Jump table over FF bytes long'
1997\04\30@081825 by David Nicholls
1997\04\30@090020 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1997\04\30@104347 by Dirk Van den Berge
1997\04\30@121340 by David Nicholls

'Internet Access $12.95/mo! - Long Distance 9.9 ce'
1997\05\16@011644 by CNI

'Long UV exposure'
1997\06\25@095640 by ndod

'PIC space ship (how to live longer?)'
1997\08\20@181348 by
1997\08\21@032800 by J W
1997\08\21@080054 by verhage
1997\08\21@163224 by Mike
'Long, PIC controller, 24VDC sensor loops'
1997\08\22@084451 by Harrison Cooper

'Long calls and goto'
1997\09\11@191120 by Octavio Nogueira
'Long Delays'
1997\09\26@014641 by Ken Parkyn
'Long time delays'
1997\09\28@190957 by Ken Parkyn
1997\09\28@223049 by Ken Parkyn
1997\09\28@233518 by Larry G. Nelson Sr.
1997\09\29@002459 by Ken Parkyn
1997\09\29@154913 by Steve Smith

'PICSTART PLUS is NO LONGER making me insane!'
1997\11\13@075807 by fdalton
'SSU unit: Cheap Sonar circuits (long)'
1997\11\16@163217 by Robert Nansel
'PIC Designer no longer needed for Coffee Roaster P'
1997\11\19@131710 by MATT FISHER

'The mistery of "long calls".'
1997\12\14@092849 by Humberto Bonasso
1997\12\14@141302 by myke predko
1997\12\14@141511 by Andrew Warren
1997\12\14@212912 by Mike Keitz
1997\12\15@181434 by TONY NIXON 54964
1997\12\17@084951 by WF AUTOMACAO
1997\12\17@091031 by Oyvind Kaurstad
1997\12\17@093306 by paulh
1997\12\17@093515 by Keith Howell
1997\12\17@101101 by WF AUTOMACAO
1997\12\17@134142 by ndie Ohtsji [4555]
1997\12\17@181601 by Larry G. Nelson Sr.
1997\12\17@183229 by larz

'RS-232 polarity, and long-distance transmission'
1998\03\04@041630 by Mark G. Forbes
1998\03\04@071746 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1998\03\04@133506 by Mauro, Chuck
1998\03\04@155542 by n/a
1998\03\04@175834 by Mauro, Chuck
1998\03\09@061112 by Adrian Gothard

1998\04\27@084532 by WF AUTOMACAO

'Long boring lecture on PCLATH (was: MPLAB under Wi'
1998\05\02@145338 by Brian Scearce
'16c74A incorrect ADC result (long)'
1998\05\29@224234 by PIC development
1998\05\30@032858 by Chris Eddy
1998\05\31@074016 by

'16c74A incorrect ADC result (long)'
1998\06\01@075318 by mjb
1998\06\06@124212 by Bruce Cannon
'long delay loops'
1998\06\08@062043 by Gavin Jackson

'(OT) Long-Haul Modems' range'
1998\09\11@141605 by Mark Willis
'PIC no longer accepting programs'
1998\09\28@221420 by Larry Teague
1998\09\28@225255 by Tony Nixon
1998\09\28@231123 by Larry Teague

'IQ Systems Chip interface(Long Sorry)'
1998\10\12@181157 by Bill Bennett
'[slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter Help?'
1998\10\15@151151 by Eisermann, Phil
1998\10\15@154730 by Dave VanHorn
1998\10\15@161342 by Michael Jansen
1998\10\15@234818 by support
1998\10\16@094254 by Eisermann, Phil
1998\10\16@115644 by Dave VanHorn
1998\10\16@122120 by Peter L. Peres
1998\10\16@125409 by Dave VanHorn
1998\10\16@131433 by Peter L. Peres
1998\10\16@132505 by Dave VanHorn
1998\10\16@133131 by Eisermann, Phil
1998\10\16@143911 by Dave VanHorn
'Not read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter'
1998\10\16@160445 by Norman Gillaspie
'Read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter Hel'
1998\10\16@201404 by Joshua Cockrum
'[slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter Help?'
1998\10\16@205330 by kevin_gregory
1998\10\17@084141 by Ake Hedman, eurosource
'Not read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter'
1998\10\17@233956 by John Griessen
'Sin leer: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter'
1998\10\18@102718 by aama–o
1998\10\18@102727 by aama–o
'Not read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter'
1998\10\18@131808 by Bill Rininger
'Read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter Hel'
1998\10\18@132152 by Erik Petersen
'Not read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter'
1998\10\18@180540 by goflo
1998\10\18@182003 by Mark Willis
1998\10\19@033951 by jon
1998\10\21@205126 by Chuck Anderson
'moron Not read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Co'
1998\10\26@112725 by Martin McCormick
'Not read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter'
1998\10\26@124710 by Jason Wolfson
'moron Not read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Co'
1998\10\26@162524 by Brian Whittaker
'Not read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter'
1998\10\28@081729 by ken

'12C509-JW How long to erase?'
1998\11\01@014818 by James Cameron
1998\11\01@104837 by Peter L. Peres
1998\11\01@194555 by James Cameron
1998\11\01@231620 by Matthew Ballinger
'Read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter Hel'
1998\11\02@105810 by scholla
'ITU no longer ITU'
1998\11\02@153945 by darwin
'12C509-JW How long to erase?'
1998\11\03@062639 by Peter L. Peres
1998\11\03@105236 by Reginald Neale
'Not read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter'
1998\11\03@111021 by Christopher Prosser
'12C509-JW How long to erase?'
1998\11\03@142835 by Peter L. Peres
1998\11\03@150745 by Brian Striggow
1998\11\03@153645 by paulb
1998\11\03@182232 by Tony Nixon
1998\11\04@122408 by Peter L. Peres
1998\11\04@152229 by Gavin Jackson
1998\11\05@165148 by Tony Nixon
'Read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter Hel'
1998\11\12@081918 by Camaldo, Donato
'12C509-JW How long to erase?'
1998\11\20@070852 by Tony Nixon
'help me help The Long Now Foundation earn $2'
1998\11\21@063213 by eng-jds
1998\11\21@121611 by Michael Hagberg
1998\11\22@054141 by n Stockbridge (JCU)
1998\11\22@150445 by Mark Willis

'Read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter Hel'
1998\12\14@183914 by Kevin Gregory

'Software Stack Return on Long Call'
1999\01\06@234906 by Eric Seeley
'wdt question-long'
1999\01\07@110733 by Alice Campbell
1999\01\07@193838 by Peter Grey
1999\01\08@024250 by Dr. Imre Bartfai
'Software Stack Return on Long Call'
1999\01\10@221212 by James Cameron
'Software Stack Return on Long Call; register usage'
1999\01\14@115307 by John Payson
1999\01\14@164449 by uter van ooijen / floortje hanneman
'Slightly OT - I ain't buyin' it...(long)'
1999\01\22@024958 by William M. Smithers
1999\01\22@035016 by Michael Rigby-Jones
1999\01\22@044945 by paulb
1999\01\22@095227 by Engineering Department
1999\01\22@122628 by David W. Duley
1999\01\22@125931 by evan
1999\01\22@130530 by Stig Brautaset
1999\01\22@133021 by myke predko
1999\01\24@122551 by Tom Handley
1999\01\24@234508 by Glenville T. Sawyer

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