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'Logic level FETs CHEAP in OZ Found!!!!!'
2000\02\14@220050 by Des Bromilow

I've just located a cheap source of 60V 12A N channel logic level FETs in Australia.(MTP3055EL/VL not sure which yet)
Cheap meaning less than $1 AUD each (including tax)

I'll have all the details in the next couple of days, so I'll email the details then, but basic jist of it is...

Company is based in Brisbane
Accepts credit cards, cash or cheque. ($20 AUD miniumum order applies on credit cards)
$5.50 fixed overnight courier charges (Australia wide?) no charge if collected from shop.
Small orders are OK
Accounts are welcome
The shop is located just up the road from where i work, so I will be able to collect and forward for people if required.

I'll forward the rest of the details (including the firm price) once I have them.

Des Bromilow

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