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'Locating objects using sound (was Re: (no subject)'
1999\09\16@211633 by Mark Willis

Andy Kunz wrote:
> >I'm thankfull for any ideas, but i'm especially interrested in how-to-make th
> >sound sensors.
> Nils,
> I would be interested in this as well.  I did some work on an audio
> tachometer, and limited myself to shotgun mikes.  To locate a direction,
> though, you'll need another technique, probably dealing as much with phase
> differential as anything else.
> Andy

Solving the equations for this, back in '82 or so, I got curves for time
differentials between any 2 mikes.  I think you need 3 mikes for 2-d or
3-d placement, I haven't done it in a while though <G>


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