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'List address strangeness (was How to unsubscribe..'
1998\04\21@073444 by n Midgley

> > is there a reason this mailing list puts the mailing list's address in
> > the reply-to field? it makes it easier to unintentionally post a

I'm glad I'm not the only one to wonder about this. It seems to upset
Outlook terribly - if I click the reply button, Outlook crashes. For other
reasons (to do with X.400 gateways and other ghastly stuff) it means I
can't see who sent the posting.

The Hang Gliding list, to which I also subscribe, has the senders name
in the 'From:' field and the list server address in the 'To:' field. Not that
complaining, you understand.

Just thought I'd say.

John M

1998\04\21@100214 by William Cornutt

Twice when I attemped to post a reply and used 'reply to author'
I ssent email to the person who posted, not the list.
So, sometimes it is the other way.

Bill C.

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1998\04\28@071713 by J.C BOTMA

Dear friends,

Could anybody perhalps help me to sign off from the list ?

Best wishes,
George Smith.

1998\04\28@132321 by Sujay Sirur

picon face
Hi J. C. Botma,

You may leave the list at any time by sending a "SIGNOFF PICLIST" command

At 13:05 4/28/98 +0200, J.C BOTMA wrote:
>Dear friends,
>Could anybody perhalps help me to sign off from the list ?
>Best wishes,
>George Smith.
with best wishes and regards
Sujay Sirur

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