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'Linking files with the Emulator.'
1998\04\16@150303 by John Bellini

This my second try at sending this, sorry if it is a duplicate.

I am using MPLAB version 3.31 with the Microchip PICMASTER Emulator.  My
code is written and compiled with Byte Craft Version 1.20B.  When I am
debugging with the emulator.  I compile my code and everything is loaded
automatically when I place #pragma option v at the beginning of my code.

When I hit the reset button for the emulator, my .C file, .LST file and
the Program memory are all supposed to go to  address 0x0000.  My .C
file and Program memory does this but my .LST file goes somewhere else
in the code.  Why do they not link up properly?  Sometimes it happens to
be okay, but most of the time is out by a lot.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,
John Bellini

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