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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'A 'Lego' set for Micros?'
1997\06\10@012359 by Don McKenzie
1997\06\11@091645 by 61)
''Lego' representative's flame'
1997\06\11@104740 by John Griessen
'A 'Lego' set for Micros?'
1997\06\11@111219 by Don McKenzie
1997\06\11@120428 by Walter Banks
1997\06\11@121908 by David W. Duley
1997\06\11@134708 by 61)
1997\06\11@200449 by Don McKenzie

'Lego Mindstorms PIC tinkerings'
1998\11\24@154527 by The Old Crow

'Lego Mindstorms PIC tinkerings'
1998\12\15@104051 by Harrison Cooper

'Decoding LEGO remote control'
1999\09\16@141610 by Nick Taylor
1999\09\17@132331 by Nick Taylor
1999\09\17@144708 by Dan Creagan
1999\09\17@145430 by eplus1
1999\09\17@151337 by Barry King
1999\09\17@152414 by Nick Taylor

'LEGO IR Remote Control'
2000\01\08@181822 by Nick Taylor
2000\01\09@133546 by Henry Carl Ott
2000\01\09@143920 by Nick Taylor

'[EE]: LEGO as a training aid for young minds Fw: '
2002\01\17@074324 by Russell McMahon
2002\01\17@110035 by Lawrence Lile
2002\01\17@144318 by Alan Gorham
2002\01\17@161032 by Claudio Tagliola
2002\01\17@191302 by Randy Glenn

'[OT:] Lego Mindstorms Software'
2004\04\01@110827 by Mike Hord
2004\04\01@111413 by Jeff LeBlanc
2004\04\01@113529 by David VanHorn
2004\04\01@123938 by Mike Hord
2004\04\01@141313 by David VanHorn
2004\04\01@145613 by Amaury Jacquot
2004\04\01@150029 by Mike Hord
2004\04\02@033930 by Joe McCauley

'[OT] Lego (get a life)(but very pretty) Starry Ni'
2005\01\11@073103 by Russell McMahon

'[OT] Lego or Fischertechnik for kid's first electr'
2005\11\07@050923 by Buehler, Martin
2005\11\07@074921 by olin piclist
2005\11\07@094143 by Morgan Olsson
2005\11\07@102424 by Mchipguru
2005\11\07@113709 by M. Adam Davis
2005\11\07@171452 by regen / Mailinglists
2005\11\07@172805 by John Nall
2005\11\07@180839 by Peter van Hoof
2005\11\07@181120 by regen / Mailinglists
2005\11\07@182051 by John Nall
'[OT] Lego or Fischertechnik for kid's firstelectro'
2005\11\07@185638 by regen / Mailinglists
'[OT] Lego or Fischertechnik for kid's first electr'
2005\11\07@193318 by John J. McDonough
'[OT] Lego or Fischertechnik for kid's firstelectro'
2005\11\07@193659 by William Chops Westfield
'[OT] Lego or Fischertechnik for kid's first electr'
2005\11\07@195855 by olin piclist
2005\11\07@210434 by William Chops Westfield
2005\11\10@104637 by alan smith
'[OT] Lego or Fischertechnik for kid's firstelectro'
2005\11\11@100849 by Joe McCauley
2005\11\11@114327 by Stef Mientki

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