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PICList Thread
'Lance really *is* dumb'
1995\02\05@163252 by Lance Walley

Oh, my!  I really have blown it...

I apologize profusely for posting our surplus.txt file to the list.  I did
post a short message about the text file, and asked interested parties to
ftp it from our site.  I also sent complete copies of the text file to
those who had already shown interest.  What I didn't check carefully was
that some of those people had the list address as their return address.
Although I seem to stumble over the commercial line now and then, even I
wouldn't expect everyone to accept a multi-page posting such as that.

When I came in Sunday morning and found several "duplicate" messages
returned by the listserver, I knew I'd done something wrong.  And I had
just learned how to make a multiple-recipient nickname - Darn!.

One member felt that we were two-faced, first offering the tools free to
educators, then deciding to hold off until April 1st to have a "sale."
Actually, the sale idea was instituted before the give-away idea, as some
will see in ads next month.  We do have money tied up in these tools, and
we must recoup what we can.  However, the interest from schools has been
much stronger than paying customers.  In the end, I think most of the
inventory (70%-80%) will indeed go to schools and other non-profit

I'll expect some flaming  :(...

------------------------  Lance Walley  ---------------------------
                         Parallax, Inc.

1995\02\05@171729 by Gordon Couger

IMHO Lance's transgressions are minor in the light of the information
he brings to the list. This is after all a mail list not a news group.

Again IMHO commercial post that are in the context of the list are
at least tolerable if not welcome.


                           Gordon Couger
                           Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering
                           Oklahoma State University
                           114 Ag Hall, Stillwater, OK  74074 405-744-9763 day 624-2855 evenings
   I do not speak for my employer

1995\02\06@050442 by Jorge Codina

picon face

Don't worry about it! I for one *Don't Mind* getting PIC related
"adds" like your surplus.txt. Saved me the trouble of FTPing it.
And I don't think you guys are two-faced. You made it clear. Schools get
it free, the rest of us can pick up some stuff cheap. Sounds good to me.

* --jorge * That which does not kill us, makes us strong. Nietzsche.*

On Sun, 5 Feb 1995, Lance Walley wrote:

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