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'LOTS of questions! (new PIC user)'
1995\04\03@222042 by Jeff Fisher

I'm pretty new to PICs.  In fact, I don't even have any yet.  But, from
reading the DigiKey catalog they look like the best microcontroller I've
seen.  Up until this point I've been strictly using 68hc11s.  Due to
Motorola's lack of supply, I'm forced to switch over to something I can
buy, when I want to buy.  Back to the questions:

1) I noticed a particular kind of PIC, the PIC17C42 allows 64k x 16
addressable program space. Is there a C compiler for this chip?  Why aren't
these chips listed in quantity in the DigiKey catalog?  Are they not
available in high qty.?

2) For my applications I'll need a A/D converter.  I see the 16C71 series
support this, but I need a chip with more I/O lines, so I guess I'll use a
16C64 with a serial interfaced A/D converter.  Has anyone done this
already?  Is it very tricky?

3) Is there a way to simulate a RS232 port with a PIC along with a MAX232?
I'm used the 68hc11's built in UART; I've read something about "simulating"
asynchronous serial communications by using a timer, does this actually

4) Whats the deal with the MTA series?  I see there is a $500 development
kit which seems to be centered around battery charging.  Is this chip
intended for some kind of intelligent battery charging systems?

5) Ok, one last question!  This friday I will lay out the cash and buy some
sort of development board.  Could someone please make a suggestion?  I'll
initially be developing with the 16C64 (I think) and it looks like there
are 2 options: The paralax programmer with the 40 pin ZIP adapter, or
Microchip's own PICSTART kit.  Which kit is better?

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